WELCOME TO ALEKSUS Professionals in Metalwork & Assembly Services Aleksus provides a wide range of high quality services for medium-scale construction and metalwork all across Europe WELCOME TO ALEKSUS Medium-scale Manufacturing with an Eye for Detail Aleksus is the leading provider of high quality medium-scale construction and metalwork services WELCOME TO ALEKSUS Medium-scale Manufacturing with an Eye for Detail Industrial metalwork with a strict adherence to client needs and deadlines.

Shipbuilding & Ship Repair

Our team of skilled, qualified welders and assemblers specialise in metal ship hulls, piping, equipment installation, and more.


Structural steel-work is our passion.
We use steel and aluminum for medium-scale manufacturing.

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What we do

We deliver top-of-the-line steelwork and shipbuilding services to our industrial clients. We excel in medium-scale assembly, fabrication, and processing.

Medium-scale Metalwork Facilities

When it comes to projects, the bigger the better. At multiple facilities, we assemble ship hulls and medium-scale components for all sorts of vessels. Our engineers work tirelessly on gigantic projects for major multinationals.

Our rigorous construction and quality assurance standards allow us to ensure that no matter the size, the ships we build will give you the optimum return on investment.

Europe-Wide Service Provider

We operate within a region-wide network to offer the best skills for all our projects across the continent. From Eastern Europe to Sweden and Finland, our operations extend to multiple countries and serve a wide range of clients with varying needs.

Our operations are growing and attracting many industrial partners looking for sturdy, professional vessels. Needless to say: we run a tight ship.

Qualified & Certified Specialists

We pair our clients with the best technicians and the latest technologies to suit their needs. Custom manufacturing at a medium-scale can be a daunting task but our team is always up to the challenge.

Our extensive qualifications and years of expertise gives us an edge in the industrial metalwork industry. Contact us with your next big project and let the professionals take the wheel. The results speak for themselves.




Team Members


Years of Experience

Industrial Clients

We work with clients with a range of different needs.
Shipbuilding & Repairs0%
Industrial Welding0%
Medium-scale Manufacturing0%


Steel and aluminum works along with welding according to 111,135,136,138,141.

All steel fabrication/processing services

On-site metal structure or component fabrication, assembly, and repair.

Pipe Systems

Specialized piping mechanisms and installation of pipeline systems.

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